sick girl

I'm down with a flu for two days now. Hay ang hirap magkasakit! I woke up Monday morning feeling heavy and tired but being the stubborn - pa-independent girl that I am, I still went to work. I felt so dizzy on my way to Makati pero sige pa rin. I wanted to vomit sa MRT pero sige pa rin. I arrived at my workstation feeling more tired and heavy. Sobrang sakit ng joints and muscles ko. I tried eating breakfast so I can take my medicines but I cannot even finish a sandwich. That's when I decided (actually Chuck convinced me) to go home.

On my first day I spent the whole of it sleeping. I never thought it was possible to sleep the whole day even after a complete sleep the night before. Today is my second day and I spent most of it watching tv. I miss work na. I miss my team. I miss David and Popee’s mala Don’t Give Up On Us hiritan. Miss ko na kulitin si Pola and tuksuhin kay… sa maraming tao! Haha! Miss ko na si Gracey and utus utusan siya. Miss ko na si Crizzy and kulitin siya if magiging mommy na siya. Miss ko na si Mia dahil sa pagiging original mean girl niya. Hehe! Miss ko na ang mga regular chatmates ko.

Tomorrow back to work na ako! =)

the notebook

I watched The Notebook in HBO today. This is my second time to see it. The first was a year ago. It is one of the movies Chuck and I saw nung nagpapa-cute pa siya sa akin. =P Haaaayyyyyy… true love. Who would’ve thought na it’s possible. I never thought na it is possible. Hmmmm cheesy! Hehe!

"So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day..."

a day with my girls

I spent Saturday with my friends. We had lunch at CPK Shangri-la, coffee at Starbucks Greenhills and saw Don't Give Up On Us at Galleria. It was my second time to watch Don't Give Up On Us in one weekend. hehe! First time was Friday night with Chuck and the second time was today with my friends.

bbq chicken pizza at CPK Shangri-la.. yummy!

mainit na debate... tungkol saan kaya?

photo op before mag cross sa edsa ... uhm kailangan naka yellow?!

mga makulit na pasahero


Highlights of my one week VL:


I finally saw Joja A. All the Way. We’ve been talking about it na kasi in the office pero di ko pa napapanood. Haha! Finally napanood ko na. Hilarious! If you haven’t heard about itor you haven’t seen it here’s a little background. Jojo A, the host, is Jojo Alejar. He’s an 80’s actor and a member of the very infamous That’s Entertainment of Kuya Germs. The show is trying to produce a Letterman – Leno format. Wala lang nakakatawa. Ang hirap i-explain. Nakakatawa siya kasi parang ang pathetic. They are trying too hard kasi eh. Anyway, malay natin in the future ma-achieve na nila yung goal nila to be the first show to have that kind of format here. Try to catch it at RJ TV 29. I’m not sure lang of the time. When I saw it kasi it was a re-run lang in the morning.


A day of reflection. I decided to just clear my mind this day. Di muna ako nag computer or nanood ng tv the whole morning. Ewan parang I felt the need to do that lang. I’ve been feeding my mind with too much junk na. I needed to be alone lang and reflect on my life and my faith. Okay siya. I think everyone should set aside a day na ganito. Puwedeng once a week or once a month. It’s a nice experience.


I saw a movie ALONE for the first time! Haha! It was a fun experience. At first it felt so pathetic but then I saw people around me watching the movie alone din. Okay lang pala. I was waiting for my boyfriend kasi to fetch me and bring me to word comm for my cell group meeting. We’re supposed to meet arounfd 730 pero I was at Shangrila na around 520. So, instead of checking out the stores for 2 hours (at mapagastos), I decided to watch a movie na lang. I saw Rumor Has It by the way. Ang funny and I like the message I got from it.


Spent almost the whole day at 168 in Binondo with my cousin Nikki and my Ninang who’s here in Manila. Grabe she just came from a trip to Shanghai and I can’t believe we’re shopping again. I had a nice time naman. It was fun. Pag wala kasing guys na kasama fun talaga mag shop.


Spent the whole day at home lang. Late afternoon naman I prepared a dinner for my family and chuck. I made chicken casserole with brocolli. Yummy daw sabi nila. (dapat lang!) After that Chuck and I played mahjong with my Lola Mar and my mom. Haha! nakakatawa siya. Sobrang pressured sa game. It was his first time kasi and hirap na hirap siya mag multi tasking. We usually talk, watch tv and eat kasi while playing. Haha! Initiation sa mahjong culture namin.


Hmmm… wala ako maalala. So I’m sure it’s just one of those days.


It was Vinci’s baptism and I was chosen as one of the godparents. Sa Edsa Shrine yung baptism at 330. So since galing kaming church at 12, we stayed there na lang sa Galleria. Sobrang gusto ko manood ng laban ni Paquiao. Good thing may big screen sa food court ng Galle so I was able to watch it there. After the baptism Chuck and I went to a wake somewhere in Pasig. My dad’s friend died kasi. Finally Chuck met my college friends na.

bored girl quizzing 2

How to make a nadja
1 part competetiveness
1 part crazyiness
1 part energy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy!

a bored girl quizzing


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hay i'm bored...

2nd day of may 5-day VL (vacation leave) and I'm already bored... daming nasasayang na oras...

i'm such a boring person talaga... no gimiks, no hobbies (well at least those that are worth posting here)...

i'm watching The O.C. while waiting for Jewel in the Palace.. haha! how interesting noh?


The long wait is over! After making us wait for almost a whole month to give way to the Metro Manila Film Festival, I finally saw The Chronicles of Narnia. I saw it last Sunday with Chuck and Coco. We saw it after attending church and having yummy meal at Teriyaki Boy. Anyway, back to the movie.

I was not so eager to see it. Well at least I tried not to be too excited. I haven’t read the book but I ‘ve been hearing and reading a lot of good reviews about it. I just don’t want to spoil the fun or expect too much from it kasi. But after seeing it, grabe it is so far the best movie I’ve ever seen. This is actually the first time that I wanted to read the book after seeing the movie. Hehe! Not a reader! Sorry. =P Oh, and thank you for my boyfriend who bought me the book before we saw the movie. I got the big one that has the 7 books in it na. We chose the one where they have the white witch at the cover. Anyway, thank you thank you thank you! =)

And one more thing, I never thought a “fairy tale” can make me cry. Grabe I was crying almost throughout the movie. It was so overwhelming kasi eh. I’ll explain later. When we went out of the movie house, Chuck and my sister were asking me I was crying. Sabi ko I’ll explain later in the car. I know that I’ll be crying again the moment I start explaining why. When we got into the car, true enough, I started crying again. I cried as if I’m still in the movie house watching it. Ay nakakatawa! You should have seen me. I was like crazy girl crying and laughing at the same time as I try to explain to them why I felt that way. The girl at the parking ticket booth was looking at us. Akala siguro we were fighting. Hay and my eyes were so tired from crying after that. I had to go to the grocery pa naman after to buy some stuff for the house.

Okay, finally the reason why I cried. Sorry but I’m really not good on explaining things. Good thing I found this site/review which somehow represents my interpretation of the movie.
(Narnia review)

I felt so overwhelmed on the part where Aslan gave up his life for Edmund. He gave up his “kingship” for one child. A traitor. I just remembered how Jesus died for me. Someone like me, a sinner like me. I was reminded of how much God loves us. He sent His only son to die and save us from our sins. It made me think of how He has been so faithful and how I’ve hurt Him so many times by sinning. I don’t deserve that kind of love. But He do loves me for who I am. And, I know he’ll never stop loving and forgiving me. Thank you Lord for this blessing. Thank you for reminding me over and over again how faithful and loving you are. I just realized, yes, this movie did make me read the book. It revived the passion to read the REAL story from which this is based on.

The Chronicles of Narnia

crazy about jang geum

The last time I saw and got hooked on a koreanovela ( i'm not sure if there's such a term) was when I borrowed a friend's copy of Endless Love.
Now, I am again hooked. This time with Jewel in the Palace. I just heard about it but was really not that interested. But (accidentally) I was able to watch three consecutive episodes and now I can't stop watching it. I'd rather go home and watch it on weekends than go out with friends or even on a date with Chuck! =p
Jewel in the Palace is not your typical telenovela. It's not a love story. It's about a woman's struggle in finding the meaning of her life. Which, she thought she found in serving the kings of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. You can read the rest of the synopsis here.
I never thought na I will be able to appreciate this kind of storyline. Well according to my boyfriend's analysis, I can get easily hooked by movies or stories of women. Women who are strong willed, independent and successful. Women who are not perfect, but are real. Which is true. =)
I also like the song chosen by GMA as a them song for this. Pangarap na Bituin interpreted by Faith Cuneta is now the new most-played song in my iPod. hehe! Hay I even find myself singing it in the office. In my head lang naman. Paano kasi yung katabi ko isa pa ring Jewel in the Palace addict. Kanta ng kanta! Hay and grabe I've also memorized some of the lines like, "wag mong titkman! diba sabi ko sa'yo wag mong titikman?" or "panahon na para gumawa ng kimchi. sino ang gagawa ng kimchi?" or "sige! ilabas niyo na ang mga sangkap para sa tokwa!" haha! yeah yeah. It may sound funny pero amazing! If you'll know the ending of this seriess you will be amazed. Well I think I'm a bit biased since I am fan of "superwomen". Pero try to catch it. It has a really nice story. (Considering ayaw ko ng GMA ha tapos I'm endorsing this pa, nako ibang level na talaga!) =)

Jewel in the Palace

mid 20's na... tsk tsk tsk

STC Barkada get together

Mga major kuwento for the night:
- Mariel is getting married January next year =) excited na ako
- Rosebud has a boyfriend... 3 years na! Tsk tsk tsk! Di sinasabi!
- Kilala pala ni Mariel and bf Joseph ang ex ni Nikki
- A certain married HS teacher was caught having an affair with a student's dad... tsk tsk tsk! Ibang klase ka!
- Absent: Lanie, Lea T., Anna and Apol... kaya pinag usapan... joke!
- Si Ria P. dumating pero 30 minutes lang nag stay

most of us

nadja, nikki

mariel, shiela, grace, rosebud and lele

some of us

mariel, shiela, grace, rosebud and lele

some of us

dacs, nikki and me

chuck and nadja

chuck and nadja