on getting what you want

Another petiks day but I did a lot of chores and work na this morning so I'm taking a break. I thought of updating my blogs din. I realized this morning na medyo kinakalawang na ang utak ko. Hindi ako sanay sa ganito. I miss studying! (talaga lang ha?!) Pero 'di nga. It's true. I suddenly had an urge to pick up my accounting quizzers and go to starbucks or figaro. Yayks official nerd na nga ata talaga ako. Pero it made me think about something else eh. Bigla ko naisip yung passion of getting what you want and the feeling you'll have after achieving it.

All of us in one point in our lives experienced wanting something that we thought was quite impossible to achieve.Even the richest person in the world would attest to this. There are still things that money can’t buy you know. This makes us all equal at one point. But what makes it different for each one of us is the passion we have for attaining it. Have you ever felt that desire or that longing for somethingthat would make you do things that you don’t usually do?Or have you tried changing the way you see things just to make it at par or at least make your goals reachable?At this point you would be willing to give up everything you’ve been accustomed to and change your whole life just for that one thing.You would be even willing to give up some happiness for you believe that in time a greater happiness can be felt. I’ve been through this twice in my life already and for the same goal or reason.And unfortunately I didn’t get it in those two times also. Yes I felt sad, devastated and I lost every inch of hope in me.It even came to a point that I was in complete shock that I cannot think of what to do next.My mind was blank for a few days and I would often catch myself staring at mid air thinking of what I did wrong or if I would be able to get out of this state I am in.But then it occurred to me that this is only one aspect of my life and there are other things to be concerned about.I remember a statement I’ve read before.“no matter how hurt you are or how broken your heart is, the world would not stop for your grief” With this in mind I started to think of the things that I can be thankful for.I realized that there are people with bigger problems than I have.I started to stand up, dust myself up and face the new day ahead of me.I still don’t have that thing I want but the wisdom I gained while trying to achieve it is far greater and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.I became a stronger person and I learned that there are some things that are not really meant for you.This experience gave me the humility to accept that there is a superior being above me.It taught me that God may not give me what I want but I must trust Him because His answers are wiser than my prayers. =>

whatever makes you happy

Find out what makes you happy and follow what your heart tells you. They may call you foolish, but at least you are a happy fool, not a lonely, empty wise person.”

Would I rather be wise or foolish? Maybe we can answer this question by assessing the true motives behind whatever it is that we are feeling at that moment. The problem with a lot of us is that sometimes or many times we tend confuse love with infatuation, ego or revenge. If we can be sure that it is love then the next question would be if we are ready to face the consequences of our actions. In this world of uncertainty anything is possible. A well crafted plan cannot give an assurance that everything will fall into place, that everything will go our way. So if you think that you’ve considered every possibility or have planned for every contingency then it is time for you to answer the next question. Do you believe that this is really worth fighting for? Is he really worth all the possible pain and sacrifices you would have to go through? Actually answering all these questions could not resolve if you are being wise or foolish with your decisions. It would just aid you to come up with a resolution and understand what your heart is telling you. Nobody could judge if the decision you made is an act of being wise or being foolish. And the happiness you will feel will not depend on this either.

The most important thing that this quote taught me is that we have a choice. We cannot argue that we are in love or that we are being mesmerized by a certain feeling so we tend to do some stupid things. Loving someone for me, is still a decision, not a feeling. It is something that can be controlled. But going back to what the quote is saying it all boils down to one conclusion, do whatever it is that makes you happy. And nobody can decide for you or tell you what being happy means.