mini updates

10.10 monday
I love Lacoste Gold! It smells really really nice! hint hint!=P

10.11 tuesday
Usual PCOMM night. I was no able to join the call. It turned out Avaya could not patch in too many people. tsk tsk tsk! Paano na pag 10 pm na ang call =(
Ay and something happened that unfortunately I can't tell here. Sayang! It's just a simple story reminding us how small our world is and to be very careful when you're telling stories to your friends in public.

10.12 wednesday
I have a new cell group na! =) I don't know why I'm so excited about this. Pero wala lang. I really cannot explain why I'm so excited and giddy about this. Maybe because I really miss my old cell group. Though half of us are with this new group, I still can't help but miss the ol' gang. 'Hope this new group will be just as fun.

10.13 thursday
I had my annual review lunch today. I still have to schedule the actual review next week. Pero that's not my kuwento. We had lunch at Circles in Makati Shang. Panalo!!! I love the Japanese and Asian buffet. And the desserts... ay panalo talaga! =)
Team building night with the whole DBSi team. Ang dami namin!!! 20+!!!The Siebelles saw Wallace and Gromit while the others watched Deuce Bigalow. We ended the night with a dinner at Masa's. Food day grabe!

10.14 friday
Date night! =) Nothing special. We just strolled sa shang then ate dinner at Milky Way.

10.15 saturday
Grenhills greenhills! I love Greenhills! Hehe! Ang bango talaga ng Lacoste Gold!!! Hmmm... D&G Light Blue or Lacoste Gold??? Ehem ehem! =p

10.16 sunday
We had lunch at Dampa in Libis to celebrate my Lola's 78th birthday. Yummy! Then my boyfriend and I saw Lord of War in eastwood (pangit!). I really felt bad after seeing it. I felt sick and tired. This is why I love watching feel good movies kasi I watch movies to be entertained and not to feel bad after. Anyway, we had a nice dinner naman at Jack's Loft kaya bawi na. I really love their desserts. AND, we bought tickets for Eastwood's World's Largest Buffet on the 22nd. I can't wait!!! =)

I'll be in my Analytics training this week so I guess this week will be more boring. Not! My instructor is a cute guy from UK. Panalo! haha! Joke lang. He's really not the to-die-for type of cute. He's young and really nice kasi. Basta iba lang. Very different from other trainings I've attended. Except for my java training of course! =P

The O.C. na! Bye! =)

birthday parties

Oh I just remebered, something nice pala happened last week. Last Sept. 25 and Oct. 1 we surprised two of my teamates who celebrated their birthdays. As usual the Siebelles set yet another benchmark in celebrating birthdays within the project. I know it's something other people do in other projects pero well it's a first for ours. I guess. Hehe!
Anyway, since Popee was in training for two weeks and the day of her birthday falls on a Sunday we just surprised her the following Monday by decorating her workstation with balloons and confetti. She was so shocked when she saw her workstation when she came back at the office after training. It was so colorful kasi! We used peach and pink crepe papers in decorating her workstation. We also had a cake near her PC. I'm really not good in elaborating things so I'll just let you see the pictures. We ended the day with a team dinner at A Veneto in Glorietta.
For Pola's birthday which fell on a Saturday, we gave her a surprise also on the following Monday na. And since she's aware of the workstation decoration project na eh we thought of something else aside from it. She did not win Ms. CAT for nothing kaya we made sure that the celebration will be really grand. So aside from the workstation deco we made a big message board where everyone from the project can write their birthday messages for her. Mia also bought a boquet of flowers to add as decoration for the workstation. That afternoon we prepared a simple mirienda for our friends. I'm really not good in writing or on elaborating things. I think it's better if you'll just check out the pictures.=)



I am really enjoying the company of my new team. I'm loving my work more now. =)

i love egg!

Hey all! I have not been blogging for a long time na. I have nothing much to say eh. Ito na lang muna... my new favorite song!

i love egg!

mean ako?!

Regina George

Which Mean Girl are you?
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Hindi ako Mean Girl! Promise! Oh well .....sabi nila eh. =P


I just want to share my new LSS... si Liza kasi eh! Hay mahirap ang LDR (Long Distance Relationship). I've tried it for 2 months and it was soooo sad.... and magastos! Which is bad ha! Well, I've accepted the fact na rin naman na those 2 months will not be the last for me and Chuck given the nature of our job. Lalo na siya. Pero the good thing about it was we came out of it stronger. We now appreciate every minute we have together.

Hanggang Kailan
Orange and Lemons

Labis na naiinip
Nayayamot sa bawat saglit
Kapag naaalala ka
Wala naman akong magawa...

Umuwi ka na baby
Di na ako sanay ng wala ka
Mahirap ang mag-isa
At sa gabi'y hinahanap hanap kita...

Hanggang kailan ako maghihintay
Na makasama kang muli
Sa buhay kong puno ng Paghihirap
At tanging ikaw lang ang
Pumapawi sa mga luha at
Naglalagay ng ngiti sa mga labi...

Di mapigilang mag-isip
O baka sa tagal
Mahulog ang loob mo sa iba
Nakaka balisa
Knock on wood wag naman sana...

Umuwi ka na baby
Di na ako sanay ng wala ka
Mahirap ang mag-isa
At sa gabi'y hinahanap hanap kita...

Hanggang kailan ako maghihintay
Na makasama kang muli
Sa buhay kong puno ng Paghihirap
At tanging ikaw lang ang
Pumapawi sa mga luha
Naglalagay ng ngiti sa mga labi...