Chinese Sunday...

Our Sunday lunch theme for this week is Chinese.

Qing Dao Spareribs

Stir Fried Vegetables

Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage

We also had Black Gulaman. Everything went well except for the spareribs. It was undercooked. I'll just simmer it under low heat later for dinner. 'Hopefully it will be better.

I love weekends. =)

Baby, baby, baby - Ooohhhh!

My little one is growing up too fast. He learned a new trick today... dance to Justin Bieber's Baby!

He dances from waist down only and sometimes raises his arms.

Too cute!

I am biased :P

it's nice to pause sometimes

I've been very tired from work lately. Imagine going to work around 9 or 10 AM and then going home around 11PM or 2 AM. Sometimes I go home around 7 PM but will still work from 9 PM to 1 AM. Anyway, sorry for turning this post as a log in/out sheet.

The point of this post is, I miss my life. And, I am starting to hate work because of it. =(

I was on the brink of quitting the other night as I found myself crying in the middle of reviewing test scripts, generating a report and replying to a counter
part via communicator. I am not sure anymore how long I can still take this. I was pouring out my sentiments to my husband (who was next to me playing StarCrap 2) and telling him how not seeing a light at the end of this "tunnel" made me feel more helpless. I thought that the only way out was to resign. I was seriously considering asking my Mom the possibility of me helping her out on her business. To cut the story short, some things happened... I read my devotional the next day at work while logging in my laptop and was reminded about grumbling (Sorry na Lord! ), informally talked to my immediate supervisor about it and realized that we both feel the same, I bought an indoor griller and now excited to cook some more for the husband... and now I'm okay. =) Ang easy ko no? Haha!

I was browsing blogs awhile ago when I came across this...

Net, I still love what I'm doing but I love my life and myself too. So pausing helps sometimes. You should try it too! =)

i miss blogging....