birthday parties

Oh I just remebered, something nice pala happened last week. Last Sept. 25 and Oct. 1 we surprised two of my teamates who celebrated their birthdays. As usual the Siebelles set yet another benchmark in celebrating birthdays within the project. I know it's something other people do in other projects pero well it's a first for ours. I guess. Hehe!
Anyway, since Popee was in training for two weeks and the day of her birthday falls on a Sunday we just surprised her the following Monday by decorating her workstation with balloons and confetti. She was so shocked when she saw her workstation when she came back at the office after training. It was so colorful kasi! We used peach and pink crepe papers in decorating her workstation. We also had a cake near her PC. I'm really not good in elaborating things so I'll just let you see the pictures. We ended the day with a team dinner at A Veneto in Glorietta.
For Pola's birthday which fell on a Saturday, we gave her a surprise also on the following Monday na. And since she's aware of the workstation decoration project na eh we thought of something else aside from it. She did not win Ms. CAT for nothing kaya we made sure that the celebration will be really grand. So aside from the workstation deco we made a big message board where everyone from the project can write their birthday messages for her. Mia also bought a boquet of flowers to add as decoration for the workstation. That afternoon we prepared a simple mirienda for our friends. I'm really not good in writing or on elaborating things. I think it's better if you'll just check out the pictures.=)



I am really enjoying the company of my new team. I'm loving my work more now. =)

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