mini updates

10.10 monday
I love Lacoste Gold! It smells really really nice! hint hint!=P

10.11 tuesday
Usual PCOMM night. I was no able to join the call. It turned out Avaya could not patch in too many people. tsk tsk tsk! Paano na pag 10 pm na ang call =(
Ay and something happened that unfortunately I can't tell here. Sayang! It's just a simple story reminding us how small our world is and to be very careful when you're telling stories to your friends in public.

10.12 wednesday
I have a new cell group na! =) I don't know why I'm so excited about this. Pero wala lang. I really cannot explain why I'm so excited and giddy about this. Maybe because I really miss my old cell group. Though half of us are with this new group, I still can't help but miss the ol' gang. 'Hope this new group will be just as fun.

10.13 thursday
I had my annual review lunch today. I still have to schedule the actual review next week. Pero that's not my kuwento. We had lunch at Circles in Makati Shang. Panalo!!! I love the Japanese and Asian buffet. And the desserts... ay panalo talaga! =)
Team building night with the whole DBSi team. Ang dami namin!!! 20+!!!The Siebelles saw Wallace and Gromit while the others watched Deuce Bigalow. We ended the night with a dinner at Masa's. Food day grabe!

10.14 friday
Date night! =) Nothing special. We just strolled sa shang then ate dinner at Milky Way.

10.15 saturday
Grenhills greenhills! I love Greenhills! Hehe! Ang bango talaga ng Lacoste Gold!!! Hmmm... D&G Light Blue or Lacoste Gold??? Ehem ehem! =p

10.16 sunday
We had lunch at Dampa in Libis to celebrate my Lola's 78th birthday. Yummy! Then my boyfriend and I saw Lord of War in eastwood (pangit!). I really felt bad after seeing it. I felt sick and tired. This is why I love watching feel good movies kasi I watch movies to be entertained and not to feel bad after. Anyway, we had a nice dinner naman at Jack's Loft kaya bawi na. I really love their desserts. AND, we bought tickets for Eastwood's World's Largest Buffet on the 22nd. I can't wait!!! =)

I'll be in my Analytics training this week so I guess this week will be more boring. Not! My instructor is a cute guy from UK. Panalo! haha! Joke lang. He's really not the to-die-for type of cute. He's young and really nice kasi. Basta iba lang. Very different from other trainings I've attended. Except for my java training of course! =P

The O.C. na! Bye! =)

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vinz said...

hehehe the o.c.! i download the series.. grabeh kakaiba ang season 3.. ^_^