crazy about jang geum

The last time I saw and got hooked on a koreanovela ( i'm not sure if there's such a term) was when I borrowed a friend's copy of Endless Love.
Now, I am again hooked. This time with Jewel in the Palace. I just heard about it but was really not that interested. But (accidentally) I was able to watch three consecutive episodes and now I can't stop watching it. I'd rather go home and watch it on weekends than go out with friends or even on a date with Chuck! =p
Jewel in the Palace is not your typical telenovela. It's not a love story. It's about a woman's struggle in finding the meaning of her life. Which, she thought she found in serving the kings of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. You can read the rest of the synopsis here.
I never thought na I will be able to appreciate this kind of storyline. Well according to my boyfriend's analysis, I can get easily hooked by movies or stories of women. Women who are strong willed, independent and successful. Women who are not perfect, but are real. Which is true. =)
I also like the song chosen by GMA as a them song for this. Pangarap na Bituin interpreted by Faith Cuneta is now the new most-played song in my iPod. hehe! Hay I even find myself singing it in the office. In my head lang naman. Paano kasi yung katabi ko isa pa ring Jewel in the Palace addict. Kanta ng kanta! Hay and grabe I've also memorized some of the lines like, "wag mong titkman! diba sabi ko sa'yo wag mong titikman?" or "panahon na para gumawa ng kimchi. sino ang gagawa ng kimchi?" or "sige! ilabas niyo na ang mga sangkap para sa tokwa!" haha! yeah yeah. It may sound funny pero amazing! If you'll know the ending of this seriess you will be amazed. Well I think I'm a bit biased since I am fan of "superwomen". Pero try to catch it. It has a really nice story. (Considering ayaw ko ng GMA ha tapos I'm endorsing this pa, nako ibang level na talaga!) =)

Jewel in the Palace

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