sick girl

I'm down with a flu for two days now. Hay ang hirap magkasakit! I woke up Monday morning feeling heavy and tired but being the stubborn - pa-independent girl that I am, I still went to work. I felt so dizzy on my way to Makati pero sige pa rin. I wanted to vomit sa MRT pero sige pa rin. I arrived at my workstation feeling more tired and heavy. Sobrang sakit ng joints and muscles ko. I tried eating breakfast so I can take my medicines but I cannot even finish a sandwich. That's when I decided (actually Chuck convinced me) to go home.

On my first day I spent the whole of it sleeping. I never thought it was possible to sleep the whole day even after a complete sleep the night before. Today is my second day and I spent most of it watching tv. I miss work na. I miss my team. I miss David and Popee’s mala Don’t Give Up On Us hiritan. Miss ko na kulitin si Pola and tuksuhin kay… sa maraming tao! Haha! Miss ko na si Gracey and utus utusan siya. Miss ko na si Crizzy and kulitin siya if magiging mommy na siya. Miss ko na si Mia dahil sa pagiging original mean girl niya. Hehe! Miss ko na ang mga regular chatmates ko.

Tomorrow back to work na ako! =)


kaye said...

get well soon nadj :)

Anonymous said...

oist oist... so ako di mo na-miss sisterette?!?! samantalang ako na-miss kita. infairness. hmph... :p hehe... hmp.