In search of the fountain of youth...

I know aging will eventually come. But I did not realize it will come this soon!
A few weeks ago I caught myself buying a lot of anti aging products. At 26 years of age ha! I heard kasi na the skin starts aging at 25. I looked at my face in the mirror and noticed that lines are starting to show. Que horror! I cannot even afford pa to pay for those really good ones tapos andyan na sila. Talk about the horror of uninvited guests.
So here I am putting an advanced night repair for my eye bags na tinubuan ng mata, 7 in 1 anti aging night cream, clarity recovery lotion for the face and moisturizer for the thirsty skin while suffering from a back pain.
Isa pa yan. Everyday at work I would hear myself complaining of an aching back... lower back, upper or center basta lahat. Hay I tried changing my chair, the way I sit, the level of my monitor pero andun pa din. Oh no! It scares me to think paano pa if I get pregnant na. Super sakit ng back ko nun I'm sure.
Hay rant rant rant! Everybody gets older. It's inevitable. Live with it.


Anonymous said...

Ayyy!! So true! I can really see myself in you!! Thanks for bloggging again!

Nadja said...


Thanks for the comment and for reading my blog =)

Erica is Rich said...


Do not remind me of ageing!



P.S. I am getting married in 2009. :) Katakot.

Nadja said...

talaga Ekay?!

Ako rin!!!!! =)

What month ka?

January ako. =)