christmas parties

Whew! Ang daming Christmas parties! But, it was fun. I enjoyed every party that I attended. I would like to share some of the pictures na lang. So I guess this entry will be more of a photoblog.

MDC Christmas Party 12.19.05

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nadja, pola, popee and grace

chuck and I with Popee and David

chuck, nadja, popee and david

chuck & nadja

couple of the night... hehe!

CAT Christmas Party 12.21.05

CAT Christmas Party

mga walang magawa... tinatamad na mag work at gusto na mag party! =) trying out grace's eyeglasses

CAT Christmas Party

SIEBELLES... mia, pola, popee and nadja

CAT Christmas Party

bagong career with michelle and joy

CAT Christmas Party

cinareer ng Hawaii Five-0 girls

CAT Christmas Party

70's kasi dapat... kaya ganyan ang suot namin. =)

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