Red Cups 08

It has been my tradition to take a photo of my first red cup for the season.

My first red cup for the season is a tall hot Dark Cherry Mocha.

I'm not a fan. I like PEPPERMINT MOCHA better. Parang hindi Christmas pag walang peppermint mocha. =(

Ok ang babaw.

Global financial crisis vs Peppermint Mocha.

Tsk tsk tsk.

I really really love coffee and I love Starbucks. I love them because...

1. they opened a branch in our building... (sorry na lang sa wallet ko)

2. of the super friendly baristas. (yeah I know because they want to sell but the people in our building and those from PSE where we used to go are the friendliest bunch I've ever met)

3. of the yearly planner. Never mind if they're not perfect. Sometime even ugly. (HAHA) Tradition na eh. I cannot attend a meeting without it. (Ok another kababawan moment. What happened to your morals hija? Haha!)

BUT... I still love COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF's coffee and tea more. =)


Ingrid C. said...

ako rin, CBTL fan, kahit their breakfast specials look/taste like airline food. these days i just brew my own coffee before i leave the condo. i put it in my thermos and i'm good to go. wala eh, global financial crisis na. my stocks took a bad beating :(

Nadja said...

aww that's sad. hayaan mo na. when things go down there's no other way but up... or something like that. hopefully lang it will go up na SOON!

Erica is Rich said...

Ako I buy Starbucks everyday when I am in Manila. Wala dito sa Finland eh.

Since my dad died last week, I was at home for a week, true enough, Starbucks was my comfort food.