Happy Birthday Ira!


I can't forget that night when I learned I failed my board exam and I called you up at 3 am while you were at work. You just told me to read the book of Job then try to get some sleep. It may sound ordinary to others but it meant a lot to me.

We may not see each other often (Heck we haven't seen each other for more than a year) but I know you'll always be there, like you've always been. It's so nice to see you so happy and fulfilling your dreams. And I am so happy to see you finally with the one you really love and I know loves you as much.

Here's to many more wonderful years of friendship!

We don't even have a picture that I can post here... 8 years of friendship man... no picture at all?! Haha!

Update: I stole a picture of you and Chelley na lang from your Multiply. Habang di ka pa masyado sikat and wala pang bayad! Hehe!

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