I just read my sisterette Liza's blog and saw that she tagged me... aba gumaganti! hehe!

What are 5 things you enjoy doing when there's no one around you?

1. look at the pictures in my pc
2. dance in front of the mirror
3. look at myself in the mirror with different expressions
4. uhm wala na ako maisip...

hehe! I'm a very public person kasi. I really don't care if there are people around me watching.

Name 5 things that lower your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

1. holding Chuck's hand =) Kilig!
2. reading my Bible
3. watch TV
4. videoke! (my neighbors should know!)
5. just like any other woman out there... shop shop shop! and go to the salon for a foot spa.

Name 5 friends who you would likt to post this as well.
1. Phoebe
2. Kaye
3. Ingrid
4. Coco
5. Vinz

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