I don’t have work today because of the State of the Nation Address. The President decided to declare a non-working holiday for people in Metro Manila. Since it is the reason why I have the time to rest at home today, I decided to watch it. This is the President’s 5th SONA but this is only my second time to watch it. I think the last one I saw was the one where she had 3 kids up on the stage with her. Anyway, the speech was short but I found myself getting sleepy towards the middle of the speech. I guess it was the standing ovations that bored me.

I really don’t have much anything to say about the speech except that I agree with what she said about the political system in this country being a hindrance to it’s growth. I used to be what you may call an activist. I used to be up to date with what’s happening in this country and you can always find me with a firm stand on any issue. I was raised and educated to be as such with my Theresian education. But, eventually I grew tired of it. I don’t know why. It just doesn’t affect me anymore, or I just chose no to be affected, which makes me sad. I’ve become indifferent with this country’s situation. I am now one of those people I used to hate. Those people who chose to leave the country and pretend to be citizens of other “great” nations. I now find myself surfing in the net for better opportunities abroad. I can now understand those people. I can now feel their pain and desperation for a better life. I don’t hate my country I just want a better life for me and my future kids. I don’t know what can convince me to stay or revive that love and passion for my country. I just pray that it will come back someday. This is the country that God put me in and it’s my duty to love, defend and honor it.

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