my new best friend

SKYPE is my new best friend. And I guess it will be for the next two months. It's what's been keeping me sane these past few days. As I've said from my previous post, my boyfriend is currently assigned in Chicago. If not for Skype I'm probably spending 500 pesos a day for overseas calls, just like what happened on my first weekend without him. I am so not used to this LDR thing. I am missing him terribly. But now, thanks to skype, I can hear his voice everyday for free! Without any hidden charges. It's almost as good as an overseas call. It depends on the time of the day though. It's like he's just beside me. We were both so hapy and relieved when we tried it. Thanks Sis and Alfie! Buti na lang I have friends who are experts in LDR. Hehe! It may not take away the sadness I feel, but at least I've stopped crying. And I promise I'll try not to for the next two months.
48 na tulog na lang... August 26 na! my baby's coming home soon!

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