Hay finally I was able to solve na this thing for work. Gosh I’ve been working on it na for the past few weeks and I’ve been charging the client a lot! Well that’s what you get with not enough training to back you up.

Good thing I resolved it na because I’m super excited to go home today. I’m going out with two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world! We’ll have dinner at “Bahay ni Juan” in Kapitolyo. The place is near Mailee’s house and it is super near to where my boyfriend attends his jui jitsu training so it is super convenient. Hmm I just realized it’s almost a year since I’ve been to this place. The last time was April of last year when we celebrated Mailee’s birthday there. It was fun. I was young , crazy and single back then. Don’t forget drunk. I miss the place. We discovered it when we went to Boracay last year. We met the owner there and found a new place to hang out here in Manila. I’m hoping to see our friends there and reminisce on those cherished moments in Boracay.

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