Int'l. Women's Day

Yesterday was fun. I attended Accenture's celebration of Int'l. Women's Day. We had some guest speakers, free food and some other free stuff. One guest speaker talked about breast cancer and another on how to be a successful creative woman. Thus, the reason why I'm starting to blog again. I learned that we shouldn't equate creativity with talent. It is a skill that can be developed given the right amount of passion and dedication. And, as a woman I should not be guilty to give myself a few minutes of my time each day for this. I remembered how I used to love writing. I would sleep late at night and pour out my emotions by writing or blogging. I realized that I have the resources so why not take advantage of it.
So there, I promise to blog now as often as I can. This is not just an outlet for me share my thoughts but also to practice my writing skills. As you can see I’m starting to lose it already. Hehe. Feel free to comment on my journals even correct my grammar. For me there are no rooms for mistake only lessons learned. = p

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