The Tale of Two Sisters

Oops! Nope this is not about me and Nicole. Hehe! It's about two sisters that became really close to my heart from the gospel of John and Luke.

Question... have you ever tried to do it all?

I know I have. Just two weeks ago I've been telling myself and some people around me how tired I was. Tired in every sense of the word ha. Tired from work, personal life (wedding stuff) and church. Yes, even church! One day sa small group session namin sa office I just caught myself crying really hard in front of people na were not that even close to me. Nagulat ako and I didn't realize na I was that tired that just sharing about it and pouring my heart out to this people can make me cry like that eh ang question lang naman was "How are you?"

After that small group the Lord reminded me of Mary and Martha. One day Jesus visited the house of these two sisters. While Martha was busy preparing the house and the food for the guests, Mary decided to sit at the feet of Jesus. So Martha got annoyed because instead of helping her sa kitchen she was there just sitting. So when she couldn't take it any longer, she told Jesus to ask Mary to help her instead of just sitting there staring and listening. And then Jesus told her these words...

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41-42)

I found myself relating to Martha and replying to that with, huwaaaattt?! But wait! There's more!

In the book of John naman Mary and Martha was mentioned again this time when Jesus brought Lazarus, their brother, back to life after being dead for four days. If you will notice in this story (read John 11) on the fourth day of Lazarus' death Jesus arrived and when Martha saw this she immediately run to Jesus' side. She told Him that if only He was there earlier their brother would have not died. Jesus replied and assured her that he'll live again. After that, Jesus called Mary and asked her to come to Him. As soon as she heard this she stood up and came to Jesus quickly. She asked the same question Martha asked and Jesus replied the same. And then Jesus brought Lazarus back to life.

Notice how Martha came running to Jesus while Mary patiently waited for His instructions? In the midst of trials Mary chose to patiently wait for the Lord's instructions and quickly obey as soon as she heard it. That was the result of her spending time at the feet of Jesus. By spending time with Him, she got to know Him better. She knows how He works, how He loves and how He sovereign He is. She knows that the Lord is still in control amidst the chaos around her so she just waited for Him to call her.

So simple lang ang naging message sa akin ni Lord at that time. Everything that I was busy with at that time are all blessings pala. Work is a blessing. Wedding is a blessing. Church work is a blessing. So bakit ako nagrereklamo na I am tired diba?

This is just like having a best friend. I'm sure you know your best friend very well. You know who their crush is. You know their favorite food. You know how they say or do things. You can even finish each other's sentences most of the time. You know how they're feeling. And most especially you know what is in their heart.

Natutuwa ako na He revealed to me what is in His heart. He made me appreciate the things that I was doing at that time were all there to give glory to Him. Pero ang greatest learning is if only I take time to spend some time at His feet I would know what is in His heart right away. I could have not noticed that I was tired if I knew in my heart and be always reminded that God is doing something in me every single moment of my life.

I pray I'll have Mary's heart inspite of this Martha world that we live in. Super busy! But I'm sure I don't need to let go of the Martha in me. I would always want to serve God wherever I am. But I pray for a heart that would choose what is better. I want a heart that is always longing to just sit at the feet of Jesus and get to know Him more through His word.

Uultin ko lang ang sabi ni Kuya Martin sa DEV-O 1 natin...

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