stop and smell the flowers

For the past few weeks I've been feeling like I'm always in a race. I always have the urge
to run or type very fast. I tend to speak very fast also and get very impatient when people
talk slow. I stopped taking pictures of events or get togethers because I feel they make things
slower and that they are not that important. But I love taking pictures and I love looking at them
over and over.

For the past few weeks everything has been a task for me, a "to do" in my checklist.

- Go to work.
- Greet someone on their birthday.
- Have a foot spa. (Wahhh I badly need this!)
- Attend Art Expo meeting.
- Deposit downpayment for hair and make up artist.
- Research on reception decorations.
- Meet the caterer.
- Scheudle first session of pre-marriage counseling.
- Go home.
- Attend late night conference call.
- Breathe (yes I sometimes catch myself forgetting to this.)

I know some (or most) of the things in that list should not be there. And it's frustrating especially
for me to see those there also. But that's what I've been feeling lately. I feel like my life has been
ruled over by a checklist.

But I know also that life should not be lived like that. I need to slow down. I need to enjoy living life.

I need to stop and smell the flowers.


Erica is Rich said...

I think before we stop and smell the flowers, we need to learn to just stop. :)


Ingrid C. said...

hi nadj. how are you? been a long time since i read your blog. hope you find time to breathe, finally.

Nadja said...

to erica is rich: I AGREE! =)

to mussolini: yeah finally starting to have time to relax. 'hope to see you soon! =)