Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I learned today that my soon to be brother in law just resigned from one of the most prestigious law firms in the country for a hopefully less stressful work for one of country's leading network. The decision among other reasons was because he can't take being an absentee father anymore. His wife on the other hand made that decision long before their cute little boy was born.

It made me think.

If that time comes when the phrase absentee mother becomes real to me, would I be willing to let go of the job/career that I know I've been working so hard for in the past years.

I'm sure it will.

It has become a concern because some of the people I know are doing it already, while some I know chose to stay. Question is kaya ba talaga to stay? I know madaming factors. But I'm sure if that time comes na I'll see my baby I know I'll make the right choice.

I need another session of CAT-Puso. HAHA!

***CAT-Puso is a one-on-one session with our managers where we can talk about anything like career plans and even our personal life. Nice no?

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