Joshua Generation: In Progress

Generation X. MTV Generation. Baby Bust. Lost Generation.

These are names the world has given to this generation. But these names do not and should not define who we are.

We are the Joshua Generation.

In the Old Testament, Joshua's Generation represented the group of people who reached the Promised Land given by God. They were from a heritage of brick making slaves in Egypt to the mighty conquering army of Canaan. But reaching Canaan was not the end of their story. It was a land peopled by those hostile to God’s chosen. Enemies both without and from within, would test the resilience of their faith. It was the beginning of a new chapter in a very long struggle.

As young adults in the Word Community Church, we represent Joshua's generation. As we step into the next chapter of our lives we are thrust into places and situations that are often hostile or contrary to our faith. We realize that are our struggles are just beginning and now more than ever we realize how much we need to depend on the Holy Spirit. (Zechariah 4:7) We are weak, we are imperfect, we are flawed … but God is faithful. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

We are Works in Progress.

WIP is a young adults ministry catering to professionals in their 20’s and 30’s. Every Wednesday night at the Towdah room, this group of young adults meet for fellowship which provides ministry opportunities, discussions on heart, workplace and career issues, and foster growth in the walk and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

WIP is a community who loves God and wants to have an exciting time pursuing Him. While in the process of being molded by God, we seek to be a relevant expression of the reality of God in the world, bearing His glory through our life testimony. We are committed to stand for the cause of Christ and uphold the cross as the foundation of our faith in this generation. We choose to be uncompromising in our witness and belief that God has marked this generation out for His purpose.

Just like Joshua, God is preparing this generation to fight the battles of our day, looking to God and standing on the shoulders of the generations before us.

"Whatever you have commanded us we will do, and wherever you send us we will go." Joshua 1:16

*** This was posted in Word Community Church's 11th Anniversary release of First Word. Natapos namin ni Davey and Chuck in one morning... by God's grace.

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