siebel 7.7

I wasn't able to blog for a long time coz I just came back from my 2-week Siebel 7.7 Core Developer Training. Yes, after supporting the application for almost 2 years I only had my training this month. Incidentally, the project also decided to drop the application. How nice noh? Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers, right? I appreciate it na rin. At least I have the training and the experience under my belt already. Now all I need is that certification. Another problem though, I'm not sure who would sponsor it. Hay buhay.

Another interesting thing about this training is that it was held in one of our offices in Ortigas. Ay, I love Ortigas! I just felt that the quality of my life would be much higher if I was assigned there. It's near QC (where I live). It's near my boyfriend's workplace (Boni) ... well at least more near than Makati. I can be there at the office in only 30 minutes!!! That includes the traffic and the time adjustments (rush hour or not). There are a lot of malls in the are and nice places to hang out like El Pueblo or Metrowalk. It's also a few minutes away from Eastwood. Basta I like it there. given a choice I would really want to be assigned there. Ortigas = Time to go to the gym. Ortigas = more dates. Ortigas = More sleep.

my siebel classmates

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