walang ganyan sa states

I cannot believe we spent 3 hours in traffic almost everyday last week. EDSA was at it’s worst and even C5 was not spared. It was the usual traffic that was just made worse by yet again another anti-GMA rally. In the middle of this ordeal we opted to listen to AM radio for a radio telecast of TV Patrol. We can’t help but be more irritated by reports on what happened on congress that day and the press release of people concerned and those appearing to be “concerned” (aka nakikisawsaw). But what made my day and really made me laugh was a comment about Jolina. Apparently, Fr. Reyes was calling for people to boycott anything that has to do with those people who support the President and this includes, yes, Jolina Magdangal. Poor girl. Anyway, what made us laugh were the comments of the people in the rally when they heard about this. They said that they do not agree that Jolina should be included in this and that she’s their idol and they cannot boycott her. Hay! Only in the Philippines! And as my boyfriend would always say after coming back from Chicago… Walang ganyan sa States!

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