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I am officially a PINOY BIG BROTHER fan! As in kahit mapuyat ako every night eh I watch it. I'm not sure how it happened. It just did. Haha! Drama! Seriously, I just had the chance to watch two consecutive episodes almost a month ago and I was completely smitten. I can't stop watching it. I was suddenly involved in the lives of the housemates. My personal favorite is the JB and Say love team. Too bad JB was evicted na last night. Sobrang I feel for Say. Yung nasanay kayo na magkasama everyday then all of a sudden mawawalan ng communication or di magkikita. Hay I can totally relate. Anyway, buti na lang the cutie pie Sam came along. Ang cute grabe!!!! The smile.... haayyyy!!! Pang Close-up talaga!

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Official LSS song ko din ang PINOY AKO by Orange and Lemons for the past weeks. Ang catchy ng song. Finally a catchy song with sense! I like the lyrics, especially this part...

Lahat tayo mayroon pagkakaiba madalang makikita na
Ibat ibang kagustuhan ngunit iisang patutunguhan
Gabay at pagmamahal ang hanap ko
Pagbibigay ng halaga sa iyo
Nais mong ipakilala kung sino ka man talaga?

Kaya I feel sad when I hear people judging the people inside. I'm not trying to defend what they did lalo na nung welcome party for Sam pero who are we to judge diba? We're not there 24 hours and we're not the one stuck inside diba? I'm sure they will realize what they did once they get out of the house. Pero ako I blame the editing. They should still protect the people inside eh and be careful with what they show specially sa prime time. They can make it less shocking naman eh, knowing how conservative the Filipino audience is. ( or they TRY to look conservative). Again, nililinaw ko lang po... I'm not saying what they did was right. I just wish people would stop judging them and their families (especially their parents) for what they did.

So what makes Pinoy Big Brother click? As Toni Gonzaga would say at the end of every show... ito ang teleserye ng totoong buhay! It mirrors who we really are and the people around us in real life. Sabi nga ng friend ko.. ang Pilipino likas na chismoso! Mahilig makialam sa buhay ng may buhay! And what can be more fun than seeing other people's lives on national television diba?

Call me jologs or baduy... number one fan pa rin ako ni Kuya! and ni SAM! =P

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