love and stupidity

Sabi nila in life there are no mistakes made, only lessons learned. No matter how stupid you were or how intense your mistake was as long as you admit it and promise not to do it again eh okay na. Dahil daw the first time is always understandable but the second time will justify how stupid one person is.

Eh paano kung makarating ka isang point sa life mo na you actually miss being stupid… o tanga, para mas masakit sa tainga. Let’s admit it darating at darating tayo sa point na yun. And yes I am in that situation right now… I miss being stupid! Gusto ko maging tanga ulit!

I’ve been in that situation eh, yung first mistake. Some were calling me stupid already but I didn’t mind. I was happy and they cannot give that happiness to me kahit pagsama-samahin pa nila lahat ng efforts nila. That one person na sinasabi nilang cause ng katangahan ko was enough to make me the happiest girl alive. Parang you and me against the world drama. Ang saya sobra! My friends forgave me kasi nga daw first time. Okay lang daw dahil sige they want me to learn from my own mistakes. And one day daw mauuntog din ako at magigising sa kahibangan ko. Hindi nila ako kinakausap pero hindi rin naman sila galit. That day came nga na nauntog ako. Nagising na at natanggap na oo naging tanga ako. I left that situation with a more mature and stronger personality. I promised myself I would never allow that to happen to me again. I’m too smart for that. I deserve someone better. I am worthy of someone who would respect me, treat me well and sincerely love me.
Pero bakit ganito? Why do I suddenly miss being stupid? Bakit ko nakalimutan lahat ng natutunan ko? Actually I’m ignoring it lang… hindi ko nakalimutan. Ngayon hindi na siguro pagiging tanga ang tawag… pagtatanga-tangahan na! Eh ano magagawa ko?! Masaya ako dun eh. Masama ba maging masaya? Haaayyy…

Hindi ko na alam. Kahit ata ako eh give-up na sa sarili ko. Ang tigas ng ulo ko grabe. Ang tanga tanga ko talaga… eh teka… tanga nga ba talaga… o nagmamahal lang kasi? eewww!

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